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July 31 2011

117 Tent protests panic Netanyahu (and just might shake foundations of occupation)

67 Geller and Spencer’s work actually shaped Breivik’s ideas, Walt explains

18 Palestinian photo-journalist says he was attacked by Israeli soldiers for ‘misrepresenting’ them

3 I dreamed of Jerusalem
Sarah Ali

3 LGBTs in Israel declare, our struggle is against hasbara and pinkwashing

1 Boycott is a no-brainer, Nadia Hijab writes from Washington, but in a Lebanese newspaper

59 Latest twist in Sanchez tailspin underscores cost of being accused of anti-Semitism

July 30 2011

36 First he found WMDs in Iraq– now Jeffrey Goldberg finds ‘Jihadists did this in Norway’

35 500 protesters join boycott demo at Max Brenner store in Australia

28 Dutch orchestra teargassed while performing in occupied village

40 ‘NYT’ offers Israeli a platform to call ‘Arab spring’ ‘Arab storm’

July 29 2011

30 Maybe this will help on that debt ceiling crisis?

10 ‘Intelligence’ and Islamophobia – PowerPointed and neoconned

32 Silverstein says he was banned at Daily Kos

12 Anti-boycott law scores own goal: int’l LGBT youth group takes its gen’l assembly out of Israel

208 What does secular mean? ‘J Street’ official says American Jews ‘ideally’ want the whole ‘land of Israel’

221 Curb your racism

6 Surviving the Dahieh War: Rami Zurayk’s ‘War Diary: Lebanon 2006′

11 In ‘Int’l Herald Tribune,’ MK Tibi endorses full boycott call
Omar Barghouti

2 Hebron settlers release the hounds on Palestinians whose land they’ve stolen

15 Breivik’s exclusivist nationalism reminds Sullivan of Zionism

2 Israeli court rules against settlement sewage plant on stolen Palestinian land

July 28 2011

43 The same Islamophobic bloggers and pundits that influenced Norway killer also influence Congress
Karina Piser

7 Israeli bulldozers edge ever closer to… Al Badawi
R. Taylor

75 Israeli threatens no ‘food, fuel, water, anything’ if occupied Palestinians seek statehood

10 Israeli dignitary warns that binational state is worse than apartheid

80 American Jews feel warmer about Netanyahu than Obama — in switch from a year ago

15 Australian police crack down on BDS protest, arresting 19

117 Daily Kos, anti-semitism, & the zombie peace process

253 My response to ‘DailyKos’ smear

0 Israel sues Bedouin village for $.5 million cost of uprooting it again and again

0 Let’s stand with Shireen Al-Araj and the courageous people of Al-Walaja
Sydney Levy

July 27 2011

35 Israeli Foreign Ministry video replicates settler propaganda word for word

54 Jenin Freedom Theatre raided in the middle of the night by Israeli military

68 ‘NYT’ and Bronner blaze mainstream trail with story likening occupation to Jim Crow

30 Holocaust memories and ‘roots tourism’ in Eastern Europe
Yasmin Qureshi

26 Israeli Foreign Ministry launches social media hasbara campaign featuring cute yellow puppet called ‘Hans von Puppet’

7 New book investigates the intersection of Jewish identity with the struggle for Palestinian rights
David Landy

12 ‘NYT’ spots Ed Koch standing by Israeli flag (in story hinting at Planet Zio)

July 26 2011

43 Mamet’s prophecy: ‘Israel is going down the river under one-worlder, Obama’

28 Israeli efforts to thwart interracial dating are throwback to Mississippi Sen. Bilbo railing against ‘mongrelization of white race’

39 Anti-Muslim law enforcement trainer cited by Norway killer rakes in U.S. taxpayer cash

15 Thanks for making our fund-drive successful!

52 Right wing seeks to paint Breivik as neo-Nazi so as to disguise the truth, of shared beliefs

42 Norwegian victims ‘got what they deserved,’ say some Israeli commenters

18 Palestinian statehood initiative is educational tactic in a long struggle

52 Routine humiliation of Palestinians is now part of the global Israeli brand

15 New tactic in anti-boycott effort: ‘name and shame’

13 Liberal Rx for Muslims in Europe is kryptonite for Zionists

51 Douglas begat Trumbo, and Trumbo begat Exodus

1 Wael Ghonim, posterboy of Facebook revolution, tweets for Palestinian statehood

4 Please send Platon to Gaza

14 Can you say Amy Winehouse and Norwegian massacre in the same breath?

July 25 2011

12 My account of July 22nd and its aftermath in Norway
Tord Steiro

30 ‘JPost’ does ‘on the one hand/on the other hand’ with Norway massacre!

27 Boycotters ramp it up: “put an end to Agrexco’s presence in Europe”

41 The struggle against the boycott law is fundamental: Should Israel be a Jewish or democratic state?

120 Regarding the Islamophobic tragedy we are now living through
Tord Steiro

19 Palestinian strategy focused on UN General Assembly and international courts to avoid US veto

68 Pamela Geller says she didn’t influence killer, ‘Islamic supremacists’ did

7 ‘Scourge of the West’ –Murdoch sheet shifts its bogeyman

99 ‘J Street’ official takes care not to mention ‘occupation’ till after the speech

15 Small tribute to Amy Amy Amy

July 24 2011

68 Anders Behring Breivik, a perfect product of the Axis of Islamophobia

41 UN report: Israel boarded the Mavi Marmara with ‘an intention to kill’

43 Breivik manifesto outlines virulent right-wing ideology that fueled Norway massacre

3 International community to Gaza’s kids: You can’t be free, but you can be in the Guinness Book of World Records

10 US is walking back Obama’s ’1967′ line

19 Liberal Jewish media moralists could do more home cookin

17 More video emerges of Israeli military attack on Gazan fishermen and international observers

32 Targeted Labour gathering on Norwegian island reportedly featured gestures of Palestinian solidarity

338 The Norway massacre and the nexus of Islamophobia and right-wing Zionism

July 23 2011

5 MSNBC discusses the urgency of the I/P issue, but promotes claim that ‘everybody knows minor land swaps’ will create two states

15 ‘Tears of Gaza’ – lest our tears dry up
Susan Abulhawa

9 Sullivan’s rule, or How the paradigm of Jewish liberalism morphed into selfish blindness

21 Are you stupid enough to be a blogger for the Washington Post? Take the Norway test

0 UN reports increase in ‘forced displacement’ of Palestinians under occupation (and 2500 Bedouins at risk in Jerusalem)

July 22 2011

25 A number is worth 1000 words

40 IDF and Ros-Lehtinen share goal: kill any chance for Palestinian state

32 ‘Washington Post learned nothing from Iraq, baselessly claims ‘Sanctions aren’t slowing Iran’s nuclear progress’

5 Since Obama vetoed settlements resolution at U.N., Israel has had ‘free hand’ in building in West Bank

26 Can a liberal Zionist write about ‘Israel’s contemporary reality’ without mentioning ‘occupation,’ ‘checkpoints,’ ‘Jim Crow’ or ‘Gaza’?

3 Do we not write letters? (Or do the papers not print ‘em?)

33 More land grab in West Bank

27 Numbers, meet context

78 The great Renee Fleming, brought to you by the Jewish Agency and its West Bank colonization project

12 In ‘Economist’ (not the NYT), settler calls for soldiers to ‘maim’ more Palestinians

7 New Profile: Why does independent thinking threaten Israeli leaders as much as terrorism?

51 2 pictures of children

7 ‘LRB’ dares to ask Palestinians what they want from Arab spring (Reset)

5 AIPAC’s efforts to stifle debate in the Jewish community are sure to backfire
Iris Keltz

6 The olive conversion (and what Mom said when she came to visit Palestine)

35 Avnery says Israel’s ‘immense influence’ over US suggests ‘Protocols’ forgery has come true

6 Boiling the frog: ‘every week’ another Israeli annexation bill

July 21 2011

18 One-state solution (Israeli style): New Knesset bill to extend Israeli law to settler museums

10 Fleitz of Fancy & A New Diehl on Iran: An update on fear-mongering about Iran’s nuclear program

4 Knesset member Haneen Zoabi ‘democratically’ stripped of parliamentary privileges

29 Obama is basing policy on Elliott Abrams’s ideas, not his own –Siegman

July 20 2011

4 Taking on TIAA-CREF, with pain and outrage

145 I have no doubt that Palestinians will be victorious, sooner than later

12 Normalizing Israeli apartheid through international sporting events

25 Message to Marty

6 Straight outta Gaza

23 Settlers attack Palestinians and international observers with clubs and rocks

8 Mead consecrates Jewish nationalism and American nationalism on the rock of anti-Semitism

27 At last, integrationists have won the great ideological struggle inside Jewish life

17 ‘New Israel Fund’ explains why it opposes BDS
Naomi Paiss

19 Would the South be free if Freedom Riders had experienced a media blackout in the north?

145 Jerome Slater responds re right of return

14 Pro-Israel myopia on Murdoch

July 19 2011

24 Destination? Gaza!: The Freedom Flotilla II meets the Israeli military
Steve Fake

82 Thinktank that promoted war w/ Iraq (& now Iran) was funded by Steinhardt, Saban, Bronfman, Feith and Marcus (of Home Depot)

6 Bibi breaks ranks with rightwing on ‘political inquisition,’ but don’t hold your breath
Paul Mutter

72 Israel ‘maintains an apartheid regime,’ Israeli general says in ‘Haaretz’

57 Israel seizes last flotilla boat in int’l waters 40 miles from Gaza

61 Annex hasbara on steroids

5 An American tours Israel, looking for the Palestine his father never knew

8 Herman Cain, GOP pres’l candidate, says he would attack Iran over nukes, Israel

6 It’s apartheid– Desmond Tutu endorses TIAA-CREF divestment project in N.C. newspaper

16 Hasbara is in the American wallpaper– even in well-meaning stories on public radio
Phil Weiss and Anees of Jerusalem

3 New film investigates Israel’s legal system in the occupied territories

22 In the British press, Israeli general warns of unchecked ‘Jewish terror’ in W.B.

July 18 2011

11 Israel moves forward on 6 factories and 100s of homes in occupied territories as Norway and Syria back Palestinian statehood

88 Jeffrey Goldberg vs. The Truth

16 Henning Mankell: ‘I promise that the Israeli regime won’t have a quiet moment until this illegal blockade is broken’

107 American Zionist org supports new limits on free speech in the ‘human rights loving democracy’

3 Desolate and empty the sea
Mohammed Rmeih Monifi

41 100 hours in Israeli detention for trying to visit Bethlehem
Laura Durkay

65 Turkish Jews say that when Israel does bad stuff, they get blamed as ‘Israelites’

6 The Freedom Flotilla continues – French boat Dignité Al Karama leaves Greece on way to Gaza

33 4 Republican congresspeople ‘pledge’ to hold West Bank

6 B’Tselem: In past the six years, only one Palestinian minor acquitted out of 835 charged with stone-throwing

15 The method in Netanyahu’s madness: Israel rules out non-violence

0 Israeli military raid villages across the West Bank

0 Join the the International Women’s Peace Service in documenting, and intervening in, Israeli human rights abuses
International Women's Peace Service

July 17 2011

104 I shouldn’t have admitted, I’m pulling for the Japanese

July 16 2011

193 Siegman: Israel always wanted territory not peace, and US is its ‘captive’

12 Open letter to the German left on BDS, from Palestinian and Israeli Activists

14 An Israeli welcome
R. Taylor

17 Samah Sabawi: a Palestinian woman’s response to Naomi Chazan on BDS
Ofer Neiman and Samah Sabawi

25 ‘Forward’ suggests West Bank boycott is ‘noble’ (so long as you love Israel)

17 The flotilla that could

4 Gitlin too

22 Murdoch scandal demonstrates that scores of people can maintain a conspiracy of silence for years

July 15 2011

0 Settler violence on the rise; violent incidents in 2011 may double those in 2010

24 Gaza rejects Greek offer to deliver humanitarian aid as it stops the freedom flotilla
The Free Gaza Movement

77 The erasure of history (Israel gives go-ahead to desecration of Mamilla cemetery)

172 Liberal American Jews negotiate away the right of return

16 Flotilla placed Palestinian struggle in global understanding of the Arab spring

12 Israel makes it clear it views ‘Israel/Palestine’ as one state

20 Poll says American Jews overwhelmingly oppose Fatah-Hamas reconciliation and declaration of Palestinian state

241 Richard Witty’s 10,000th comment

5 James Murdoch’s explanation of the right of return fell on deaf ears (Rupert’s and TB’s)

1 Israeli business leader: Anti-boycott law has given legitimacy to the boycott movement

10 Omar Barghouti on the 6th anniversary of the BDS call: ‘[BDS] targets a system of oppression so that all people can live in equality and justice.’

1 Boycott bill criminalizes the call for peace with justice
Rena Zuabi

July 14 2011

80 Israeli ship attacks international solidarity boat crew off Gaza coast
Hama Waqum

35 Emboldened by success of anti-BDS bill, right-wing parties push ‘political inquisition’
Paul Mutter

18 Israel is unable to cope with non-violent Palestinian activism
Abir Kopty

21 Contradictions be damned: Colonel Pinky’s last stand in the case of Rachel Corrie

5 9 in 10 Egyptians, Lebanese and Jordanians say Obama has failed to meet their expectations of 2009 Cairo speech

72 Yahoo comments on boycott law suggest American backlash against Israel has begun

13 Curtains for Zionism? Even Walter Russell Mead & Jeffrey Goldberg want no part of this

12 Three months later the murder of Vittorio Arrigoni is still shrouded in mystery
Nicola LoFoco

9 Canada: The gift that keeps giving to Israel

1 Then the Greek policeman told the Palestinian refugee to go home

1 My Bali, My Palestine

5 Cyprus’ own separation barriers keep flotilla boats docked in Greece

3 Bethlehem’s taps run dry even as nearby setters fill swimming pools

July 13 2011

54 Desert Bloomism: The Israeli myth that won’t spoil, wither, or die

23 +972 Magazine: Boycott law will affect international activists

53 In major shift, ‘Peace Now’ calls for boycott of settlement goods

20 An open letter to Israeli boycott activists

1 I flew in to help Palestinians plant olive trees. The Israelis took me to a prison in the desert

65 Prominent Protestant journalist who learned everything from secular Jews warns them about their blindness to a messianic ‘debacle’
Jefferson Morley

3 Obama’s Israel policy is big factor in Brooklyn cong’l race, as candidate insists on his ‘Zionist bona fides’

45 Marriage equality– are we fighting to get into a Norman Rockwell painting or for true liberation?
Jessica Rechtschaffer

7 Newsweek slammed for Israelcentric coverage of Egyptian revo

18 ‘Forward’ writer concedes that liberalism is at odds with ‘tribe-centered’ ‘prejudice’ necessary to Israel’s survival

July 12 2011

18 A wedding under apartheid

21 Boycott law is crossroads for U.S.’s liberal Zionists

11 Arab countries see Israeli occupation and US interference as greatest threats to peace in Middle East (not Iran)

2 Israel destroys Palestinian wells in West Bank while drilling more wells for settlers

54 Boycott debate– in which a young, cosmopolitan, liberal-leaning Jewish man twists and writhes under the weight of half-truths and wispy contradictions

2 Notes on the Egyptian Uprising

6 This draconian law seeks to delegitimize nonviolent struggle

47 ‘Shocked’ by tour of occupation, 11 feminists led by Angela Davis ‘unequivocally’ support BDS

48 Will boycott law shock American liberals into some realization about the character of the only democracy in the Middle East?

9 How do you write the press release for the destruction of free speech?
Louis Frankenthaler

9 The Lebanon war at 5– ‘We refuse to perish’

7 ‘NYT’ makes glaring omission on use of drones

20 Hey liberal Zionists: Obama voters overwhelmingly support right of return

10 The Christian Zionism canard (1/2 of US evangelical leaders say they sympathize with both sides equally)

5 Jewish protagonists in the American establishment, ct’d

13 My first copperhead

July 11 2011

43 Latest US peace effort has failed –Haaretz

37 Knesset passes anti-boycott bill, even as London Lit Fest approves

20 The Rapture will be televised

2 New study shows that ‘separation wall’ seizes nearly 1/7th of Palestinian territory (equivalent to Russia grabbing Alaska)

4 Israel withheld video evidence of Rachel Corrie’s killing, says her father Craig

129 Col. Travers: Israel’s treatment of Palestinian children shows that it does not seek peace

10 ‘Please continue to be with us’ –a Palestinian’s letter to int’l supporters
Hekmat Bessiso

24 Is it too much to hope that Murdoch scandal brings an Arab spring to western journalism?

25 Almost there! Help us reach our fundraising goal with a 2-for-1 donation match

141 Killing off a dead Oslo

5 Youtube video likening rightwing demonstrators to Nazis prompts Israeli investigation

32 US women’s stunning goal shatters prejudice

July 10 2011

9 Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity movement gears up for big Palestinian independence demonstration

82 ‘Flytilla’ protest rocks the Israeli status quo in a sacred place – the airport

17 Israel tracked Facebook to compile int’l blacklist for flytilla

44 Alterman describes a future for Israelis as free citizens of a normal democratic country ‘dystopian.’ And why?

40 Jewish binationalists predicted declaring a Jewish ethnic state would plunge Palestine into unending war

2 Israel and human rights split due to irreconcilable differences
Louis Frankenthaler

8 Avnery on group psychosis

2 At Allenby bridge, 10-year-old Palestinian girl begs Israeli soldiers to let her father thru…

July 9 2011

17 Ben Gurion Airport showcases the normalization of apartheid in Israel/Palestine

25 Angry Arab describes new ambassador to Israel as ‘Zionist fanatic,’ and you gotta wonder–

32 Two US flotilla activists do flytilla

54 Jerusalem Ad: Beautiful apartment, breathtaking view, Jews only

5 Colonel w/ checkered past is last witness to be called in Rachel Corrie trial

45 Derfner: Flotilla activists are ‘bringing oxygen to a suffocating nation’

19 At her book launch, Olson’s Indian ancestry gives hasbara-ist opening to use U.S. ethnic-cleansing excuse

12 Then after that I dropped the f-bomb on my husband for starting the Iraq war

2 Israel used to brag about all the ‘tourists’ who come to occupied territories

July 8 2011

14 Times coverage of ‘fly-in’ protest masks nature of Israeli control over Palestinian lives

10 Israel included on Homeland Security terrorism watch list

63 Welcome to Israel

12 Will abstracted, isolated Obama be prey to neoconservative policy elite re Iran attack?

38 Naomi Klein: How climate change should affect a N. American Jew’s view of Israel

14 Way back machine: Senate hearings in ’77 were titled ‘The colonization of the West Bank territories by Israel’!

23 Eric Alterman on his dual loyalty and the U.S. pressuring Palestinians to accept ‘their historic position’

56 Strauss-Kahn. Israel every morning

16 Amira Hass, the flotilla, & Jewish stereotype

July 7 2011

23 South African advertising watchdog rules that Israel can be referred to as an ‘apartheid state’

44 UN report on ‘Freedom Flotilla I’ was questioned from the start

58 Ron Paul blasts ‘transparently one-sided’ Congress on Israel/Palestine

5 Israel deports five activists and bars journalists from boarding plane in preparation for ‘Welcome to Palestine’ campaign

9 In response to biased IDF report on Gaza, the International Red Cross says ‘the situation is grave and serious’
Johanna Nouri

97 Steve Walt edges ever closer to… One democratic state

6 NYC launch party for ‘Fast Times in Palestine’

39 How many synagogues will give their blessing to July 15 march?

101 Do you deny Israel’s right to exist in a lowcut red dress?

51 Israelis are like the whites in Alabama in the 60s (Not in the NYT, in Haaretz)

1 Children not exempt from widespread torture in Israeli detention & a look at child arrests in the last month

12 New Feature Announcement: Number of Replies to Comments on Profile

4 9 water tanks destroyed, and a cistern, in the occupied territories

July 6 2011

10 Ynet: Juliano leaves Greece to join French boat in flotilla to Gaza

19 Israel used disproportionate force against Nakba Day protesters, UN says

5 Gov’r Deval Patrick gives Tribe hummus a tax break. Oy

13 US Boat to Gaza participants prepare to return home as Greece continues to prevent ships from joining Freedom Flotilla

10 Rightwing militias steal land in occupied territories, with support of Israeli gov’t

10 Why is Greece blockading Gaza?

10 ‘Washington Post’ reports on brutal house demolitions in West Bank

11 What Vietnam tells us about the Middle East

July 5 2011

10 French boat sets sail for Gaza w/ 8 aboard

184 Unsafe, unfair, unreasonable Hitchens

27 Podhoretz: Obama is worried that he will get only 1/2 the Jewish money he got in ’08

17 Filmmaker Barbara Hammer pulls out of Israeli fellowship: ‘I accept and exercise my social responsibility as an artist not to lend legitimacy to the State of Israel as long as it continues the occupation.’

9 Brooklyn-Jenin: A farewell prayer to Zionism

21 Netanyahu: Effort to travel to the occupied territories through Ben Gurion Airport is ‘an effort to undermine Israel’s right to exist’

49 In Hebron: This is not about politics, it is about right and wrong
Cristina Violante

97 Why this fund drive is important for us

17 In unveiling Obama strategy on counter-terrorism, Brennan avoids any reference to Israel/Palestine

21 A Pipeline of Injustice: Greek consular official admits that natural gas pipeline drives complicity in Gaza siege
Charlotte Kates

10 Calls grow for Freedom Flotilla to launch from Egypt

14 Caught on Tape! – Settler-zombie terrorizes West Bank roads

3 ‘The Greek people don’t support this’

45 Akiva Eldar says that Dennis Ross, a Zionist, has all but destroyed the two-state solution and Palestinians should deal for one state

2 Gaza waits for the Freedom Flotilla
Joe Catron

4 Staying Human: Al Jazeera on the life and work of Vittorio Arrigoni

3 Israel’s secret cemetery of Palestinian combatants

July 4 2011

17 Mustafa Barghouti: ‘Israel is trying to blackmail the world, and outsource the siege of Gaza’

18 Medea Benjamin: We will sail to Gaza

26 For July 4, passengers on U.S. Boat to Gaza call for new U.S. declaration of independence – from Israel

7 Greek consulate, governor confirm ‘powerful’ pressure on Greece led to flotilla ban

6 Face-to-face with an Israeli warship

11 The real preachers of hate: Britain arrests respected Palestinian leader

3 Gaza unemployment rate is 45%

July 3 2011

198 US flotilla passengers begin fast at US Embassy in Athens

34 Why every flotilla succeeds and the siege of Gaza will end

11 “Deplorable!” – The ‘Quartet’ Comments on Gaza

65 Open letter to Gov. Rick Perry on the flotilla from a survivor of the USS Liberty attack
Joe Meadors

46 West Bank is a ghetto, too– now Israel is freaking out over int’l airport action this week

July 2 2011

77 Don’t lose heart. This struggle is a long one

35 Impounded US boat to Gaza

269 A despairing conversation with an Arab friend at the Four Seasons

37 This is the Freedom Ride of our era

8 Shorter Israeli consul-general: ‘I don’t know any details and have a great day’

13 ‘LA Times’ fails to state that ‘law prof’ writing that Gaza siege is legit is ex-IDF Lawyer

1 Alice Walker on the ‘many impediments orchestrated by the Israeli gov’t’

7 Despite many setbacks, US boat did damage to Israel’s public image

0 70 cyclists committed to ‘bikes without borders’ are prevented from going into Hebron’s Old City

July 1 2011

107 Haaretz: Greek move against boats was born of Netanyahu campaign for Greek financial rescue

85 Update: US Boat to Gaza returns to port after being stopped by Greek Coast Guard

8 In the cover of darkness

5 Huwaida Arraf: ‘[The flotilla] is not about aid, this is about Palestinian human rights, this is about liberation’

38 Jack Ross’s glorious biography of the prophetic anti-Zionist Elmer Berger

7 BDS will free both the oppressed, and the oppressor
Rachel Giora

44 Ackerman says effort to hold Israel to int’l law is ‘anti-Semitism’

14 State Department says it opposes sabotaging flotilla boats

7 Europe embraces the silences of Aharon Appelfeld

5 IDF soldiers wear t-shirts saying they refuse to evict settlers, and are forgiven