Amnesty Int’l collapse: new head is former State Dept official who rationalized Iran sanctions, Gaza onslaught

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A friend writes:

Thoughtful and angry piece by Ann Wright and Colleen Rowley about the new head of Amnesty International USA’s contingently defending NATO action in Afghanistan since it helps Afghan women’s rights. (This line of liberal feminist decoy apology for that war was spotted and tagged by Judith Butler in her book Precarious Life.) 

Former State Department official Suzanne Nossel triangulates Hillary, Madeleine, Samantha, Susan Rice, and the  Atrocity Prevention Board. See her 2007 blog on negotiations with Iran as a  tactical necessity (the Dennis Ross view)–i.e. we must go through the motions  because we have to prove them futile before we do what needs to be done. It is  strange and unfortunate that such a person now leads Amnesty International USA. A  valuable placement for the imperialists, as was Amano succeeding ElBaradei at  the International Atomic Energy Agency. How they have lined up the pins! 

And above is Nossel on the Goldstone Report–its flaw of putting “the most negative possible spin that you could put on Israeli behavior.”

“It draws a series of inferences about Israel’s motives and behavior that are simply not supported by the facts…. We do take exception to that…”

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