Correction Re ‘Breaking the Silence’

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Mikhael Manekin of Breaking the Silence has written to say that the Harvard Hillel
director’s statement that IDF soldiers were to accompany all visitors to the exhibit at Harvard of photos from the occupation is not true.

We would never allow someone from out of the
organization to accompany our exhibition. The Israeli soldiers who accompanied
visitors were BTS activists, (and we always close when we are not there).

(it’s nice to see that we are being called Israeli
soldiers for a change!)

That’s good. I have to say that I find the director’s statement disturbing, and that I worry for Breaking the Silence. These are tough guys, good guys, extremely courageous guys. (And yes, to sound a parochial note: they make me love being Jewish.) And they don’t fully understand the forces they are up against in this country, to get the word out. They’re getting bearhugged by people who don’t agree with them.

And of course the media have not covered the exhibition very much at all. Here’s my googlenews search, showing no coverage in mainstream. So our silence is unbroken…

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