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China Lobby Is Bigger

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The Daily Lobo in New Mexico has a wonderful letter today from a Vicki Johnson comparing the Tibetan occupation to the Palestinian one.

Israel has tortured Palestinians, and China has tortured Tibetans,
including female monks. Perhaps inspired by ancient China, Israel is
building a great big apartheid wall to keep out Palestinians.

What has been the U.S. government’s response? The U.S. gives Israel
more than $3 billion in aid per year. Israel uses U.S.-made and
U.S.-financed fighter planes, combat helicopters, drones, missiles and
cluster bombs to kill civilians in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon.

The book The Israel Lobby argues donations and intimidation by
pro-Israel groups powerfully influence U.S. political parties and
candidates. China’s influence over the U.S. looms much larger. China
holds an estimated $1 trillion in U.S. treasuries and bonds, which
keeps the bankrupt U.S. economy from collapsing and helps finance U.S.
government expenditures such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

U.S. trade policy encouraged consumers to buy $300 billion of Chinese
goods last year; U.S. exports were worth only $65 billion. How likely
is it that the U.S. government will object to China having its way with

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