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October 2008

Studs Terkel

James North on

By James North Studs Terkel was the smartest person I ever met, and the greatest single influence on me as a writer. He was much more than his folksy, cigar-chomping red-checked-shirt persona, authentic as that was. The last time I…

Jewish Left Can Only Rise Again by Condemning Neocons as Deluded Jews

Philip Weiss on

A smear on a good man–Khalidi–in the desperate last days of a presidential race is one of those thrilling political events that is supposed to produce spine-tingling rhetoric. Obama didn’t deliver, of course, because he’s tight with the Is lob….

Blogosphere Kills the Newspaper Argument, Etc

Philip Weiss on

Newspapers are in a free fall, and here’s another forum on whether blogging can save journalism, passed on by a newspaper editor (Peter Voskamp). I hate these conversations. Journalism is going to the internet, like it or not. There’s only…


Philip Weiss on

Last night in an interview, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC tried to get Obama to criticize the Republican Party, and he wouldn’t. Obama’s playing for Republicans now. It’s time to identify a central characteristic of this great politician: his ambiguity. Obama…

Stop the Bomb (But Allow Iranian Nuclear Enrichment)

Philip Weiss on

Trita Parsi of the National Iranian American Council says in the Guardian says that an Iranian bomb, and more bombs in the Middle East, is a horrifying prospect. Put all international energy into allowing enrichment, thereby allowing Iranian scientific prestige….

Columbia U. Provost Embraces His ‘Friend, Rashid’

Philip Weiss on

From The New York Times today: “It just seems really ironic to me that Rashid would be singled out as a figure in the trumped-up controversy,” Alan Brinkley, Columbia’s provost and a friend of Mr. Khalidi’s since 1985, said in…

Remarkably Decent

Philip Weiss on

editorial in Washington Post on Khalidi. “Idiot Wind.” Good hedline. Though it contains the usual prevarication about Khalidi’s “complex” views. The only good Palestinian is a mute Palestinian. The only good Palestinian valorizes ethnic cleansing of his people. And some…

Neocons Are the Jewish Elephant in the Room

Philip Weiss on

Here’s an august professor of Jewish civilization, Jacques Berlinerblau, who was on tv moderating Bob Shrum and David Frum last week and today is about to conduct a forum on “the Jewish vote,” who has noticed that Jews are getting…

Guilt by Association–but Wait, Who’s Guilty?

Philip Weiss on

The question is whether the Khalidi flap will lead to a larger discussion of Palestinian human rights. I think it will, inevitably. But for the meantime we get this kind of judicious tweezerish on the one hand beancounterish stuff from…

2-1/2 More Writers Standing Up for Khalidi

Philip Weiss on

Nice defense of Rashid Khalidi by Scott Horton in Harper’s: Khalidi is also a Palestinian American. There is no doubt in my mind that it is solely that last fact that informs McCarthy’s ignorant and malicious rants. And Joe Klein…

Republicans Rip Off Obama Icon for Appeal to Jewish Dual Loyalty

Philip Weiss on

McCain doesn’t sell. Everyone’s selling Obama. If you give $250 to the Republican Jewish Coalition, they will send you this poster, which they accurately call a “collector’s item,” 27-by-40. Obama sure is iconic, check out this search. P.S. Question: Is…

Smearing of Khalidi Points America Toward Great Social Challenge

David Bloom on

“I hope that in the next century we will come to terms with our abysmal ignorance of the Muslim world. Muslims aren’t a bunch of wackos and nuts. They are decent, brilliant, talented people with a great civilization and traditions…

Study Finds that ‘Dershowitz’ in Headline Leads to

Philip Weiss on

higher traffic on a blogpost. Here is Dershowitz in an Atlanta newspaper saying that Jimmy Carter must debate him. Two years on. I’m for that. How come I can’t get into the Atlanta Journal-Constitution? I don’t know–maybe because I’m not…

Little Old Jewish Ladies in Ohio Go Nascar to Vote for Obama

Philip Weiss on

Funny story about 3 little old Jewish ladies who weren’t allowed into a polling place because of their Obama t-shirts, till a hulking Dale Earnhardt fan lent them his jacket. From Jerry Haber… Says he’s never gotten so many hits.

We Are Meeting Our RNC With Destiny

Philip Weiss on

The real religious issue is finally coming out. The Republican National Committee has issued a long press release all about Obama’s relationship in Chicago to Rashid Khalidi, citing a number of news articles that described or suggested Obama’s sympathy to…