Colin Powell Blamed Iraq War Plans on ‘Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs’

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Memo to the Republican Jewish Coalition:

In Karen DeYoung's bio, Soldier, Colin Powell said that Truman's Sec'y of State George Marshall–a former Army chief of staff–was his "revered" role model, especially in his principled opposition to Truman's '48 decision to recognize the new state of Israel in defiance of the Arab world. In that book, Powell also twice refers to the Iraq war as being the product of Donald Rumsfeld's absorption in the "JINSA crowd," the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. In a word: Defense Under Secretary Douglas Feith, neocon, son of a Holocaust survivor, who helped cofound One Jerusalem, and whose former law partner is living in a settlement in the West Bank.

Please RJC, do do that voodoo that you do so well!  Make Colin Powell defend these positions! Make Obama defend them! Get the chum in the water! No, Obama's not an Arab, but is he an Arabist? Seems like Powell is…

P.S. JINSA has a nice ring to it, you'd think that people might pick up on JINSA. Remember when cool WASPy hubs like the Trilateral Commission and
the Council on Foreign Relations and Institute for Defense Analyses,
and the Jason Project took the rap for the Vietnam debacle. But we're not allowed to do the blame game this time around.

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