First Time Tragedy, Second Time Farce: Jewish Comics Use Antisemitic Shtik

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Jeet Heer writes that "percolating anti-Semitism" is behind the Saturday Night Live skit savaging "wealthy real-world Jews" George Soros and the Sandlers. And yes, the New Yorkish accent used for old Herbert Sandler sure sounded like antisemitic caricature to me.

That points to a broader theory.

1. The skit was plainly anti-semitic. It employed old antisemitic caricatures to make jokes about George Soros and the Sandlers. But Saturday Night Live has a ton of Jewish writers and producers. You'd think… 2. "Borat" by Sasha Baron Cohen, a Jewy Jew like moi, was also antisemitic: it employed a range of antisemitic stereotypes. I died laughing throughout. 3, In June Jon Stewart did a bit about the AIPAC policy conference that was also nakedly anti-semitic. It compared AIPAC to the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion."

It's a trend: Jewish comics are using antisemitic material. Why? Two reasons. First, I only died laughing; nobody killed me, no one had a pogrom, people just laughed. The age of virulent antisemitism in the west is over. The comics are safe. Second, it helps describe a world in which Jews have a ton of power. Comics know that the Jewish presence in the Establishment is a real issue that a lot of people know about, so they're going to have at it, even if the sociologists are walking on eggshells. In much the way that I have repeatedly said– when people point out that I use some observations/arguments that antisemites also use–I don't care. Neither do the comics. They are trying to lampoon the real world, not a fairyland world.

Heer (a superb Canadian journo) also says: "SNL has pulled the Soros video from their website. Very curious. I wonder if they got some legal threats?"

And Jack Ross offers this theory about SNL: "SNL was years ago usurped by The Daily Show
as the premier American comedy institution.  The Daily Show, for all
its admitted if exaggerated bias, can be reasonably take-no-prisoners
because its real target is not politics but the media.  This is
precisely why the media (and, when she was running, Hillary) has been
so desperate to prop up the relevance of SNL in this election cycle."

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