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March 2009

Maureen Dowd purveys an ‘antique notion’ of the WASP establishment

Philip Weiss on

From my correspondent, Geof Gray: Maureen Dowd writes in the Times yesterday: “And it is true, of course, that the upper crust, underwhelming Anglo-Saxon leaders who allowed America’s financial markets to morph into louche casinos, George W Bush and Dick…

Syria calling, Israel screening its calls

Jeffrey Blankfort on

Jeff Blankfort writes: I just finished Seymour Hersh’s piece in the New Yorker, “Syria Calling,” and am no less sure than I was before that Israel does not want to negotiate a deal with Syria, only give the appearance of…

You’d think they would invite B’tselem to provide ‘context’

Philip Weiss on

Coming to the Goldberg Room at UC-Berkeley’s law school, tomorrow evening: Michal Michlin-Friedlander, an attorney from the State Attorney’s office in Israel’s Ministry of Justice, speak[s] about her experiences litigating human rights cases before the Israeli Supreme Court. Ms. Michlin-Friedlander…

Islamists, Hindu nationalists, and neocons like the same water

Philip Weiss on

Typically, I misplayed the bounce on the Pankaj Mishra post earlier today about the reverence among Hindu nationalists for Hitler and Zionism. My friend of Indian extraction gets it right: That’s one thing I love about the Israel-India alliance– Indian…

Hitler is revered by Hindu nationalists

Philip Weiss on

In The National, Pankaj Mishra is dyspeptic about partition, which has led both India and Israel into a “moral wilderness” of nationalism. (I do wish he’d pointed out that the Pakistanis got a state, the Palestinians didn’t.) He says in…

Rick Steves makes common liberal error re Iran war advocates

Philip Weiss on

Yesterday I caught part of PBS travel guru Rick Steves’s wonderful trip to Iran on television. His whole message was great, till he spoke of “family values” in Iran. That’s why people support the Islamic republic, he said, they have…

‘Put this in your Lincoln kick and smoke it’

Jack Ross on

Neocon Ira Stoll, writing in the Daily News, claims Lincoln for Israel. He says that Hamas has perpetrated the equivalent of slavery and the only way to fight slavery is to destroy it. He, and Cynthia Ozick too, is upset…

The colonization of Palestinian lands continues unabated

Philip Weiss on

It never stops. The BBC contends that the Israeli government is condoning the construction of a new road on Palestinian land from the established settlement of Eli on high land in the central West Bank eastward toward an outpost. What…

Imagine people offering this defense during Bosnia

Philip Weiss on

Bruce Wolman writes: Did you notice how the Washington Institute for Near East Policy reduces the entire discussion of Gaza atrocities to the debate on the Israeli side? “So far, there have been only a few cases of alleged serious…

unchain my heart

Philip Weiss on

This photo is from AnomalousNYC’s flickr photostream. Shot recently in Brooklyn. He’s celebrating his fifth anniversary on Flickr!