Richard Wolffe: How remarkable that VP Cheney tried to undermine President-elect Obama with a foreign power

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Susie Kneedler writes:

Keith Olbermann and Newsweek's Richard Wolffe seem to have discovered that they can (barely) discuss Israel
through a left-wing lens by (rightly) linking Cheney to Netanyahu and
then discussing Obama's efforts to broker Israeli-Syria negotiations.
Key insights from Wolffe:

1. "It is a remarkable situation that you would have a sitting Vice President trying to actively undermine the incoming President with a foreign power" (about minute 4)

2. "[It was] Cheney who also said that Obama was somehow pro-Palestinian. Obama in the middle of the campaign said that he believed in an undivided Jerusalem. You know, if that's pro-Palestinian, then the Palestinians are really screwed."
(4:40 or so)
But Olbermann and Wolffe of course don't follow up with discussion of how Palestinians have been "screwed."

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