Congresswoman brags of checking with Zionist Organization president before she signs on to legislation

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From the JTA report on the Zionist Organization of America's lunch on Capitol Hill last week. Best moments belong to Shelley Berkley. Emphasis mine:

Rep. Shelley Berkley (D-NV) joked that she always brings [ZOA President] Mort Klein her
ZOA membership check each time our Mission is in Washington but that
today she had left her checkbook in her car. She said that “being
Jewish is a lifelong occupation. It’s what we do as Jews, more than any
place else, we are experiencing the liberties our ancestors only dreamt
of for generation after generation. There is a price to pay for this
and the price is being engaged in our government process and no one
does this better than ZOA.
” Speaking of the rocket falling on Israeli
towns like Sderot, she said that she “knows every neighborhood of
Sderot … Israel has exercised extraordinary restraint and did not use
disproportionate force. On the contrary, it didn’t use enough, soon
enough. Many of my colleagues were concerned at this – I ask them,
‘Would you have been happier if a thousand more Jews had died?’ …
UNRWA is nothing but the face and arm of Hamas. We are giving funds to
rebuild Gaza for UNRWA to administer – I couldn’t think of anything
more ridiculous than this. I was delighted when my colleagues Mark Kirk
and Steve  Rothman introduced it – but first I called Mort to make sure
it was strong enough before I signed on
There is no way on G—’s green
earth that we can allow Iran to get nuclear weapons.
I remember Ariel
Sharon telling a group of us at Blair House that a nuclear Iran is as
much a threat to the U.S., to the West and the Arab nations and that
the world should not be expecting Israel to take care of its dirty
work. And I couldn’t agree more.”

Remember, she's a Democrat. Thanks to rbguy at dailykos.

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