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‘Commentary’ pulls attack on Max Blumenthal. Why?

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We’ve gone after Jamie Kirchick here before. He writes about Israel/Palestine for Marty Peretz at the New Republic, and is his master’s voice on the issue. Lately he went off on Max Blumenthal’s important Feeling the Hate video at the Commentary blog. Here’s the link. You now get a 404 message, page not found at Commentary. Here’s part of the original post that Commentary pulled.

I don’t understand what possesses a Jew like Max Blumenthal to go to Jerusalem, film a handful of drunk American kids spouting stupid racist remarks, put the tape up on YouTube where it attracts 400,000 hits, and then claim that the inebriated ramblings of young tourists on Ben Yehuda St. somehow represents the dark soul of Israel. But then again, I don’t have a visceral hatred of my Jewish heritage, which seems to be a common factor among the Juicebox Mafia set; I don’t feel a need to criticize Israel relentlessly and unfairly in order to earn my keep with the bien pensant Left.

As a member of the bien pensant left, I ask: Where’s Marty Peretz on the suppression of this piece? Why’d Commentary pull it? What’s Kirchick have to say? Yo Kirchick–

Oh: Matthew Yglesias went off on Kirchick’s allegation that young Jewish bloggers viscerally hate their Jewish heritage. Maybe that’s why Commentary lost its nerve? Note that Peretz used similar foolish language: their “hatred of their inheritance.” Get more original, Kirchick.

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