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Define ‘success’ (in the era of the Israel lobby)

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"’The Case for Israel’ is indispensable reading for those of us who are deeply disturbed by the rise of anti-Semitism in American society, even on college campuses." –Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Chairman, Department of African and African-American Studies at Harvard

(hat tip Ami Eden, JTA)

From Beyond Chutzpah, by Norman Finkelstein:

"The point, of course, is not that Dershowitz is a charlatan. Rather, it’s the systematic institutional bias that allow for books like The Case for Israel to become national best sellers. Were it not for Dershowitz’s Harvard pedigree, the praise heaped on this book by Mario Cuomo, Henry Louis Gates Jr., Elie Wiesel, and Floyd Abrams, the favorable notice in media outlets like the New York Times and Boston Globe, and so on, The Case for Israel would have had the same shelf life of a publication of the Flat-Earth society." [page 17]

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