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Will they see the high walls around the birthplace of Jesus?

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"Obviously there is Biblical curiosity, if you will, by Members who go there who want to see what they learned about in Sunday school all these years."

Eric Cantor, Republican of Virginia, who is leading a delegation of 25 Republican congressmen to visit Israel (& Palestine), at behest of AIPAC educational arm in August. Steny Hoyer is bringing Dems later in the summer, sez RollCall.

Meantime, Jinsa, the Jerusalem Institute for National Security Affairs, trashes the 8 Congressmen who reportedly went to Gaza–seems to worry that the Congressmen might end up blaming Israel for everything–and says that UNRWA’s John Ging, whom the congressmen met, is working with radicals. Oh my, he’s doing relief work for people dispossessed for more than 60 years. Why do I give the neocons a platform? Because they’re still important in the US discourse.  Colin Powell says JINSA dreamed up the Iraq war.

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