Oren likens Goldstone to… Nazi threat

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Sometimes the Israel lobby is just, well, Israel. The New Republic is turning itself into a laughing stock by publishing the unexpurgated ramblings of the Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. as.. journalism? This has tinpot propaganda stamped all over it. Michael Oren:

"Recognizing the murder of six million Jews more than six decades ago is, in fact, vital for understanding the supreme dangers posed to six million Jews in Israel today by a nuclear Iran and by the Goldstone Report."

The supreme danger posed to Jews by international law, as interpreted by a Jew who admires Zionism and who fought apartheid. After you just destroyed 300 children? I want more Holocaust.Oren:

The Goldstone Report goes further than Ahmadinejad and the Holocaust deniers by stripping the Jews not only of the ability and the need but of the right to defend themselves… Ahmadinejad’s genocidal rhetoric and the iniquity of the Goldstone Report notwithstanding, Israel will, of course, continue to defend its citizens.

Once again, Israel demonstrates that it is destroying the Jewish claim to intelligence. No we’re just as stupid as everyone else. Worse.

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