Goldberg: Do as I say not as I do

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Jeffrey Goldberg says that the Fort Hood killer’s religious background is signficant:

Here’s a simple test: If Nidal Malik Hasan had been a devout Christian with pronounced anti-abortion views, and had he attacked, say, a Planned Parenthood office, would his religion have been considered relevant as we tried to understand the motivation and meaning of the attack? Of course. Elite opinion makers do not, as a rule, try to protect Christians and Christian belief from investigation and criticism.

Yes, and what if the intellectuals who pushed the disastrous Iraq War for years were Jewish neocons by and large, with a few liberal Maccabees like Goldberg joining the parade? What if they cared about Israel’s security above all things? Would their religion be relevant? When a few intellectuals and journalists sought to impose this standard, Goldberg railed at them as anti-Semites.

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