There’s nothing you can do about it. Well actually, you can support the Goldstone report

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The House is scheduled to vote on condemning the Goldstone report on Tuesday. You should call your congressman about this. Here is a support site collecting signatures of those who demand accountability for the slaughter, under the statement that the report is well-researched and fairminded.

Here is a Jewish appeal to support the Goldstone report. Tony Judt urges you to do so, from a Jewish place:

We Jews should be very proud of Richard Goldstone. In an ancient tradition of Jewish self-questioning and uncomfortable truth-telling, the author of the recent report from the UN Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict has braved personal vilification and institutional mendacity to describe the crimes committed by Israeli forces in the course of their invasion of Gaza in December 2008.

And here is Jewish Voice for Peace urging you to "fight efforts to kill the Goldstone report." JVP’s statement:

The continued attacks on the Goldstone Report prevent accountability for the civilian victims before, during and after the attack on Gaza — both Palestinians and Israelis — and shred the rule of law.

We believe the report is well-researched and fair-minded. It accuses both Israel and Hamas of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity, while rightfully placing greater emphasis on Israeli violations of international law, especially regarding the killing of civilians. And although almost no critics have addressed the actual substance of the report, it goes into important detail about violations of international law including Israel’s use of phosphorus and flechettes (metal darts that move in such a way as to cause maximum damage when they hit flesh) on civilians.

It is true that the Goldstone Report is not perfect, especially because Israel refused to participate in the investigation. It is also  true that the UN’s Human Rights Council unfairly targets Israel and tends to overlook the human rights violations of other countries.

But neither of those issues should lessen in any way support for its recommendation that the Security Council pass the issue to the International Criminal Court if Israel and Hamas do not make “good faith” efforts to investigate the allegations within six months.

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