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Putting the anxiety back in Christmas

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We’re having an early Christmas dinner at my house. My wife’s family is coming over. The tree, which we got yesterday, is in the front door, and my wife asked me to hang lights on it today as she cleaned the house, getting ready.

I resisted a tree for years; my wife says those were the only years she didn’t have a tree. Yet, there it is.

I feel anxiety about the fact that I have some neighbors who are Zionists. On their bookshelves, as on mine, is a copy of The Case for Israel, by Alan Dershowitz. Suffice it to say they have the book for different reason.

The front door is mostly glass. I am afraid they will see the tree in the door, lit up, and what will they think? I said to myself, Well Theodor Herzl was a Christmas-tree Jew. I will tell them that.

When I told my wife about my fears, she said, "Are you afraid that they will see you? Maybe you should put on a costume." Santa Claus, she says, or Darth Vader.

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