Frank Gehry can’t be found on controversial J’lem project’s website

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You’ll recall that the Simon Wiesenthal Center has pushed ahead with plans to build a "Museum of Tolerance" in Jerusalem, hard by a historic Muslim cemetery called Mamilla. The plans, with architect Frank Gehry’s name attached, have drawn criticism from Muslim and Jewish leaders, architecture critics, you name it, especially as the museum is dedicated to breeding tolerance among Israel’s diverse populations while ignoring the most important group, Muslims.

Well a friend points me to this page at the Wiesenthal Center site which says that the Museum of Tolerance/Jerusalem page is temporarily suspended, under construction. My friend says that the page used to boom Gehry, who had signed on to the project. The speculation runs that all the pressure has gotten to architect Frank Gehry and that he has withdrawn his commitment to design the museum. I’ll follow up when I’m back in the States…

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