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If she wrote this in an American paper, they’d call her an anti-Semite and kick her down the stairs

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Israelis of conscience struggle to fight the racism in their society. And what help do they get from liberal Americans? Very little. Avirama Golan in Haaretz:

Ever since they were sworn in, the cabinet and Knesset have been competing over which will make life harder for the state’s Arab citizens. And the climax of this frenzy was reached over land.

The land grabs that both the executive and the legislature have been perpetrating are the height of evil and folly. Evil, because all the new laws and reforms are explicitly intended to deny Arabs the self-evident civil right of buying a plot of land and residing on it…

We need to set up community towns for Arabs too, the law’s sponsors said sanctimoniously – knowing full well that since the establishment of the state, not a single new Arab community has been established in the Galilee, and that every Israeli government has shown great efficiency in demolishing every scrap of illegal construction in Arab communities.

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