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Israeli journo longs for the segregation of days past

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After publishing an op-ed from a settler comparing herself to Rosa Parks, Haaretz is back at it with one of its writers trying to explain why democracy and civil rights are too dangerous to implement in modern society (and this is the liberal Israeli newspaper). From the article "Overly democratic ways can prove deadly":

Holder, Rice and Obama, as well as Carter and Clinton, who were both governors of southern states before becoming president, have copied a simplistic notion of the civil rights struggle involving American blacks and implemented it in U.S. foreign and defense policy. Racist white mayors and state troopers harassing innocent black pedestrians and motorists? That’s exactly what Muslims on Flight 253 and Palestinians on Route 443 must be spared, even if the world blows up.

Ah, to return to the days of the pre-civil rights Southern US. Or better yet, Israel today.

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