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Jeremiah Haber at Magnes Zionist says the Israeli left is reemerging…

Perhaps I am a sentimentalist, but there is something stirring when professor and student, rav and talmid, who have widely diverging views on the Gaza Offensive, stand together to protest against such a blatant injustice as the Sheikh Jarrah evictions. I would like to think that the student turned to his teacher and recited Victor Laslo’s classic line to Rick at the end of Casablanca:

"Welcome back to the fight. This time I know our side will win."

Let’s hope that the Zionist left, and especially its intellectuals, are coming back to the fight. Not the fight over some elusive Peace Process which always, and only serves the interest of the Israeli Occupation. But the fight against rank and blatant injustice, theft of land, deprivation of liberty and resources, abuse of power, tyranny of the weak, the whole litany of complaints of the brutal and lengthy Occupation.

For as long as the Palestinian people cannot live as free people in their land, how can any decent person support the aspiration of Jews to live as free people in their own land?

Is one people’s hope and freedom inferior to the other’s?

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