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Columbia U. law dean chairs all-day anti-Goldstone hoedown

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Here’s an organization called the Lawfare project–about "the use of law as a weapon of war"–which obviously has some money. They’re having a gala conference in New York on March 11, with a host of speakers. It’s essentially the Israel lobby in sheep’s clothing. They’re fighting "the abuse of the law & legal systems for strategic ends," whatever that means. What it means is the effort to "delegitimize democratic nations such as the U.S. and Israel." Wait, pal, who’s delegitimizing the U.S.? No one I know. I.e., this is a false agenda. It’s about just Israel–which, yes, some are seeking to delegitimize. Also on the agenda: "Frustrate the war on terrorism." Struth! as the Aussies say.

I think this group goes under the category of anti-Goldstone projects: "The Lawfare Project is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the abuse of the international legal system."

Note that Canadian Israel lobbyist Irwin Cotler is a prominent speaker at the hoe-down. Also mustachioed Dore Gold, who battled Goldstone at Brandeis. The event is chaired by Robert Morgenthau and David Schizer, the dean of Columbia Law School. Now why is the Columbia dean (a tax specialist and grandson of a Hebrew teacher) hosting this neocon bash? What’s that about?

Put another way, why does Harvard retain the official standing of a neocon "scholar" who has called for the West working to lower the Palestinian birthrate? It’s about money. That’s the bottom line. Follow the money. And right now, that’s where the money is, in neoconservatism/supporting Israel. I wonder whether Schizer’s participation has anything to do with efforts to keep money going into the Columbia president Bollinger’s wouldbe legacy, of expanding into West Harlem.

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