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Wake up and smell the occupation

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Some Israelis are starting to see that Israel is increasingly isolated and are looking for ways to break out, but it won’t be easy, writes my friend Mark, and passes this clip along: NYU prof Alon Ben-Meir, who must be an Israeli, but his website doesn’t say, writing in the Jerusalem Post:

INTERNATIONAL OPPOSITION to Israel’s continued occupation is growing because occupation of Arab land and the settlements are seen as the single source of continued regional strife and instability. Linking the occupation to national security concerns is viewed as nothing more than a pretext to maintaining the occupation and as a recipe not only for self-isolation but a precursor for renewed violence.

It is time for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to put an end to Lieberman’s reckless statements about Syria and lack of any diplomatic savoir-faire. If Israel is truly focused on national security then it must relinquish the Golan Heights.

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