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In Spain, anti-Zionism spills over into anti-Semitism

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Scary article in the Telegraph about Spanish children’s postcards to the Israeli ambassador saying things like, "Jews kill for money," "Leave the country to the Palestinians" and "Go somewhere where they will accept you." This is scary, and also a reminder of the extent to which Israeli policies, carried out in the name of Jews, are breeding hatred in Europe. Gaza was the poster child…  Telegraph:

Joan Malonda, the head teacher of El Castell primary school in Almoines, confirmed that the hand-drawn cards had come from his pupils, the Guardian reports.

He denied the children were being indoctrinated.

"A lot of this work was done at home and reflects the atmosphere in their own social environment. They were simply asked to write a postcard on the subject.

"We try to teach the children to have a critical attitude, but we also want them to contrast their criticism against other points of view."

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