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NY Senate candidate Tasini calls for lifting Gaza blockade

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This is what I like: Jews being honest about their personal investment in Israel. Here is Jonathan Tasini, eternal Senate candidate, applauding Obama re settlements and calling for lifting the Gaza blockade.

I speak out not just as a candidate for public office. I speak as a Jew. I speak out as the son of a father who was born in Palestine, and who fought in the Jewish underground. I speak as someone who has had family members killed in the decades-long conflict, and who has lived in Israel and witnessed violence first-hand. And I speak as someone who has many family members still living there—and, therefore, I will not rest nor be silent, as a candidate and as a U.S. Senator, until our government is clearly an unstinting supporter of a two-state solution and is willing to speak up when international law is violated

It’s great that any politician calls for lifting the blockade. But consider this. Tasini is pretty far left, a union guy. But his solution in I/P is moderate, highly moderate, and obviously reflects his personal investment in the Jewish state. I like his honesty, but isn’t it interesting when people who have leftwing RX’s for the U.S. have far more parochial answers when it comes to Israel? On a similar basis have some former lefties become neocons.

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