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IDF to turn dogs loose on Palestinian kids who throw stones

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The argument that the New York Times has been pushing that children who throw stones at occupying Israeli soldiers are important evidence of the violence of the Palestinian protests (rather than impulsive angry resistance) is echoed (what a surprise) by a new Israeli term: "popular terror," to label these bad children who throw stones. Journalist Didi Remez picks up the Maariv story on the IDF’s use of dogs against these kids as a "non-lethal" option.

"Disturbances have increased throughout Judea and Samaria in recent months," says Maariv; thus the IDF will turn to the "Oketz dog." Oketz is an army unit, with the charmingly choppy resonance of totalitarian names across Europe back in the day. I tell you: this is a society in deep spiritual crisis, now in an apartheid struggle, no longer on the verge of one. But expect the U.S. press to catch up to this story in 3 years, when it is too late to avert worse bloodshed.

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