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Wiesel to Obama: Laissez les bons temps rouler a Jerusalem

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A week or so back Netanyahu asked Elie Wiesel to intercede with Obama. Wiesel said he would, when the two have lunch presently. Well, Obama’s good friend has come to Washington: here is a grotesque ad signed by Elie Wiesel in today’s Washington Post, saying that Jerusalem is Jewish history and the heart of the Jewish people, and it’s never mentioned in the Koran but is mentioned 600 times in Scripture. Oh and don’t make any "premature" deals about Jerusalem, it’s too delicate. Let the communities learn to work things out together. Under Jewish sovereignty of course.

Wiesel says that Palestinians can build and live anywhere they like in Jerusalem. This is simply not true, West Jerusalem is effectively closed to Palestinians. 

So the colonization continues. More reason why Yakov Rabkin below writes that no rational peace process can take place till the Jewish future is decoupled from the state of Israel.

More craziness: Nathan Diament of the Orthodox Union has a piece on Politico today– yes, Politico, which often serves the lobby– saying that Israel can’t give up Jerusalem.

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