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’60 Minutes’ piece hints that Palestinian conditions endanger Americans

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The Petraeus view that Israel’s policies endanger Americans is gaining traction. Tonight on "60 Minutes," Steve Kroft’s piece on homegrown terrorism in the wake of the Times Square case included an interview with Phillip Mudd, till recently the domestic terrorism expert in the FBI’s intelligence leadership. 

"What we’re facing here is not an episodic series of terrorist events. What we’re facing is a group of people who see themselves as revolutionaries," Phillip Mudd said.

[T]hey see themselves as part of global movement that is being facilitated by the Internet.

"The Internet often is not the initial spark, but it helps them go down a path," he explained.

Asked what they are seeing on the web, Mudd said, "They’re seeing images, for example, of children and women in places like Palestine and Iraq, they’re seeing sermons of people who explain in simple, compelling, and some cases magnetic terms why it’s important that they join the jihad. They’re seeing images, and messages that confirm a path that they’re already thinking of taking."

Interestingly, Scott Pelley followed with a piece on Hillary Clinton and asked, "I wonder if there’s anything about U.S. foreign policy that needs to change in your estimation to put more pressure on these terrorist groups where they live…?" The usual bromide followed. How about seeking action on the Goldstone Report, which called for investigation/prosecution of Israeli officials responsible for the deaths of scores of women and children in Gaza? As Phillip Mudd knows, people all over the world know about this, and know that our country is covering for war crimes.

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