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Israel reportedly denied Noam Chomsky entry to West Bank

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Oh my. Wake up America. The great Chomsky, pride of American intellectual life and Jewish life and a liberal [ok, left] Zionist if ever there was one, kept from entering at Allenby Bridge/Jordan. Do you know what is happening to Israel? Only in Hebrew so far, at Haaretz. Tragic.

Update. Ynet now has the story: "According to [Mustafa] Barghouti [hosting Chomsky, 81, at Bir Zeit U. in Ramallah], security sources at Allenby Bridge told Chomsky that he would not be allowed to enter Israel following an order issued by senior Israeli Interior Ministry officials due to his political opinions." Oh and here is Amira Hass in English, she broke the story.

"When you have to resort to denying entry to ‘the most important intellectual alive’ it really says something about what is happening and what his message is." — Craig Speers.

Didi Remez picked this up first.

Oh and from AFP:

"I asked them if they could find any government in the world that likes the things I say," Chomsky said.

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