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Dershowitz and Jeffrey Goldberg are against apartheid

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Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Alan Dershowitz is now calling Richard Goldstone a "hanging judge," based on his actions during apartheid South Africa, and Jeffrey Goldberg has picked up the mantra. "…he is a man without a moral compass."

And I thought Palestinians were always accused of living in the past!

Unfortunate that these people can’t deal with the ongoing outrage that is Gaza, and the ways that this open-air prison is animating the world’s conscience. Weird, too, that Goldberg, who has a past of his own, as an Israeli soldier working in Ketziot prison, wants to open the door on people’s back pages. "…he is a man without a moral compass." Though yes it’s nice to hear Dershowitz condemning apartheid in ringing terms:

one of the most racist regimes in the world…

an entirely illegitimate and barbaric regime.

whipped backs and hanged bodies

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