In Beirut– anger and devastation

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I am angry. I am devastated.

I just returned from a protest in Beirut and people are outraged. When will this fearsome monster cease to exist? And how many innocents will it gnash and gnaw through before it’s over?

The Israeli Zionist death cult harvested 19 corpses somewhere off the coast of Gaza today. Peace activists, unarmed men and women were gunned down by fascists wrapped in the chauvinist victimology of Never Again.

The activists’ crime? The cause for their indiscriminate slaughter? Well, they f*cked with Israel. And no one f*cks with Israel.

This latest incident is another sign that the ghetto state is hurtling at greater and greater velocity toward earth-shattering catastrophe. The deployment of three nuclear submarines off the coast of Iran is cause for deathly worry. The viperous Israeli leadership has demonstrated time and again that its bloodlust is insatiable in the face of its hyper-paranoia. I think they genuinely believe that this is a zero-sum game. And everyone is trying to kill them. They’ve internalized Hitler and regurgitated Hiter and inculcated their youth with Hiter so that perversely, their youth is the Hitler youth. That’s how ugly young men indiscriminately murder peace activists.

The leadership is irrational and deranged. They project themselves and their genocidal fantasies onto the Iranian leadership. I am seriously concerned that Israel will murder hundreds of thousands of people before this is over, that they will annihilate Iranian men women and children with nuclear weapons. Their massacre on the high seas and their massacres in Gaza and Lebanon are portentous of that.

Ha’aretz tells us that, “Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said earlier Monday that the organizers of the Gaza aid flotilla have connections to international terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Al-Qaida, and called the aid convoy a violent and provocative attempt to break the blockade on Gaza.”

Danny Ayalon, you and your fellows are the only terrorists here.

I beg the decent human beings in Israel to come out against their damnable government and damnable society before it’s too late. Wherever you are, WAKE UP FROM YOUR NARCOTIC SLUMBER AND DO SOMETHING!

There are no winners here. Zionism has damaged generation after generation of Palestinian and Jewish youth.

It’s hard not to despair.

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