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‘NYT’ grants East Jerusalem to Israel

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The world doesn’t recognize Israel’s 1970 annexation of East Jerusalem. It violates international law, and ideas of religious respect. It violates Herzl’s promises to the Ottoman Empire and the Pope. But the New York Times recognizes the annexation!

Check out this travel section. You have to look carefully, On the right, it says, "Jerusalem, Israel." Then here’s the piece by Felix Burrichter, a NY architect/blogger, describing a beautiful visit to Israel, can’t wait to get back. It’s clear that by Jerusalem, Israel, the Times means to include the Holy Basin, which is East Jerusalem.

Even for those who only stay in Israel for a short time, a night in Jerusalem is always worth it. By car, the two cities are only one hour (yet worlds) apart. Whereas Tel Aviv oozes hedonism, Jerusalem bears the weight of history and centuries-old religious conflict. Deciding to bypass the most famous sites — the Wailing Wall and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (to name but two) — I follow the advice of Noam Dvir, the architecture correspondent for Haaretz, and went looking for Jerusalem’s less obvious architectural gems.

He also puts the Jaffa Gate in Israel (it’s part of the Old City). Hey maybe it really is one state. But if it’s one state, shouldn’t the Palestinians be given voting rights?

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