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Beinart and Mearsheimer now closer to one another than Frum (and wait–Who’s Jewish?)

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I was struck watching a Canadian television broadcast of John Mearsheimer, David Frum, Peter Beinart, and Derek Penslar (University of Toronto, Jewish history) called "Israel’s Newest Critics," that the real outlier in the four was not Mearsheimer but Frum who came off as shrill and was clearly parroting the party line ("unresolved sovereignty" for Palestinians as a status quo). Beinart and Penslar have moved close to the Walt-Mearsheimer position, and it is the Frums of the world who are stuck defending the indefensible: Bibi and Lieberman.

Weiss adds: I gather the show is the equivalent of Charlie Rose. It is called The Agenda with Steve Paikin. At about18:50 Frum launches into a shtetl joke, with the (polite, i.e., false) disclaimer that he does not know who on the show is Jewish, which prompts Steve Paikin to say, "We should nail that down right now." Paikin asks each guest whether he is Jewish. Of course, Mearsheimer is the only non-Jew. How unusual to have an expert who is not Jewish talking about the American Jewish community, the assigned topic. How unusual to have personal religious attachment openly identified. And of course the broadcast was not in the United States.

Michael Desch

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