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I’m crushed and livid (massive Jewish expansion set for Obama’s lap, East Jerusalem)

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I’m crushed and livid. Jerusalem master plan: Expansion of Jewish enclaves across the city:

The Jerusalem District Planning and Building Committee is set to approve an unprecedented master plan that calls for the expansion of Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, a move largely based on construction on privately owned Arab property.

This is heating up to massive proportions. And Coteret brings us more info:

Channel Ten News: Construction starts at Shepherd Hotel settlement compound in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem

Last night, riots broke out in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan as settlers, backed by Border Police, moved to evict Palestinians from a structure used as a mosque. …. Yaacov Elon: Very quietly Israel began construction of a new neighborhood in the Shepherd Hotel complex in East Jerusalem. ..You can hear the construction sounds in the background. What’s happening there, Roi? Roi Sharon: Work ended here this afternoon at the Shepherd Hotel in Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem. Work began this morning, the construction that has already caused several diplomatic crises between Jerusalem and Washington, materialized this morning when the construction team arrived here with a micro fine drill and began the work.

Aha! Careful incisions! So livid. I’m practically speechless.

The timing is just days before Bibi meets with Obama. Peace Now:

"The mayor of Jerusalem and his partners in the right wing continue to decide the facts on the ground and harm Israel’s political status. Netanyahu must order Barkat to stop the construction in Sheikh Jarrah immediately."

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