Winograd seeks to rally Democratic base around flotilla, AIPAC

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AIPAC and the flotilla raid are in play in the LA congressional primary, staunch Jane Harman challenged by Marcy Winograd. Salon:

Israel’s deadly raid of a humanitarian aid flotilla on Monday could play a role in the final week of a key congressional primary.

Rep. Jane Harman, a highly visible California Democrat who has been a prominent voice in the national security debate, is being challenged in next Tuesday’s primary by Marcy Winograd, a progressive who charges that Harman is "in the pocket of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee."

In a statement posted on her website on Monday, Winograd called for an international investigation into the flotilla raid and called Harman’s refusal to speak out immediately on the issue "shameful."  She also charged that Harman’s lack of response indicated she approved of Israel’s violent tactics and said her policies make her constituents less safe.

Thanks to Idrees Ahmad.

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