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Daniel Schorr waltzes with Bibi

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The other night (Transcript or Audio) NPR’s senior news analyst Dan Schorr described the impasse in Palestinian-Israeli negotiations as: "Netanyahu will not accept the Palestinian state with its own defense capability.  The Palestinians will not accept a Jewish state that nibbles away with settlements in Occupied Territory."

"Nibbles away?" Israel gobbles up 42 percent of the West Bank and Schorr reduces its greed to bunny-tidbits?  Palestinians are half a "deadlock" because they object to an incredible shrinking state?  In the name of self-defense, Israel is allowed to bombard imprisoned Gazan civilians, as well as shoot humanitarians many times in the head and back, but "Netanyahu will not accept the Palestinian state with its own defense capability"? 

Why can’t Schorr look at the scales–as he has just described them–and say the obvious?  Israel–not Palestine–freights the bargaining with impossible demands.

NPR gives Schorr three slots a week to blither ignorance.  Why make itself irrelevant by refusing time to those who care about equality–who care enough to look at actual facts?   Perhaps NPR, like Schorr, fears what we will see.

Susie Kneedler

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