In ‘NYT,’ commenters brand Israel ‘fascist’

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Ethan Bronner got the scoop today on Israel’s investigation of the flotilla raid concluding that the 9 killings were justified. The piece included one line at odds with the Israeli narrative, the last line: "Passengers aboard the flotilla have mostly told a very different story, with some witnesses accusing the commandos of shooting randomly as they came aboard." Funny; it’s like a parody of propaganda.

But here’s the news. Read the comments section. No one’s fooled. The readers are going after Israel. What hath the internet wrought? A few examples, I’m leaving the handles out:

So Israel gets to be the judge and jury for crimes it commits? Is this how the world works now? Can we all have the same luxury?

No one can deny that Israeli has a right to exist….but this kind of terrorist behavior is so FACIST..

Good news for Facism! Sad news for middle-east!

This is not the time for niceties and fine points. Israel is a thug outlaw country and we must all, every day, in every possible way boycott everything they sell. Everything. Tell your friends, Spread the word.

[I think this one is brilliantly ironic]  Its not as if a real american was killed.
Deir Yassin, the USS Liberty attack, Sabra and Shatila massacres, numerous Israeli attacks on UN compounds, and now the attack on the Freedom Flotilla.
When will the US stop paying for the whitewash to cover up Israeli crimes?
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