Emily Henochowicz lost an eye? No harm, no foul

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Culture of impunity. From Haaretz. The Israeli border police who fired a tear gas canister at American art student Emily Henochowicz, maiming her, inside the Occupied Territories, during a protest last May 31, have been cleared of any wrongdoing. Her lawyer is the great Michael Sfard:

“Every investigation of killing or injuries ends up emitting this stench of blamelessness,” Sfard said. “This particular case shows that the negligence borders whitewash. Anyone who finds no need to question objective witnesses, who have stated the Border Police officer took direct aim, is obstructing the investigation and is as good as confessing to having no interest in finding the truth.”

Henochowicz meanwhile is at work on an Adam Shapiro documentary. What doesnt kill you makes you stronger.

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