What young Israeli refused to do in Palestine, she acted out on 116th St

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mayaWrites Nancy Kricorian of Code Pink’s Stolen Beauty campaign:

I went to the Students for Justice in Palestine’s mock checkpoint on the Columbia campus this afternoon and handed out fliers for an hour and a half. Columbia’s LionPAC, HIllel, Just Peace, Grain Lavi and Tarbootnikim were counter-demonstrating, handing out fliers, some of them wrapped in Israeli flags, others of them attempting to get into provocative arguments, which for the most part SJP’ers were able to avoid. Maya Wind, one of the JVP/CODEPINK Shministim [Wind refused to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces] from last year who is now a freshman at Barnard, was carrying a cardboard rifle and helping to run the checkpoint. She was completely in character as a gruff and unpleasant checkpoint guard, so I didn’t even say hello, but the photo above shows her in the role that she refused to play in real life.

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