Expansionist ‘NYT’ keeps annexing Golan Heights

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Last February the New York Times had to correct an article filed by Isabel Kershner:

Correction: February 13, 2010
Because of an editing error, the dateline of the Ghajar Journal article on Feb. 3, about the uncertain future of the residents of Ghajar, a far-flung village that straddles the border convergence of Israel, Lebanon and Syria, misstated the location of the village. It is Ghajar, Golan Heights — not Ghajar, Israel.

Today in the Times, again Isabel Kershner:

Israel, with its hot summers and paucity of rain, is prone to brush fires. A recent fire in the Golan Heights that burned for more than a day and scorched several thousand acres was set off by hikers who burned their toilet paper.

P.S. Kershner is an Israeli married to an Israeli. The other member of the Jerusalem bureau has a son in the Israeli army– his induction led a Palestinian correspondent to quit the Times. Maybe the NYT needs a little more detachment from the, er, Israeli narrative?

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