‘Young, Jewish and Proud’ issues challenge to the Jewish community

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Above is a newly-released video of the Young, Jewish and Proud declaration. Rabbi Brant Rosen responds as the Jewish community prepares for Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year):

It’s well known that Birthright was born in response to growing reports that American Jewish young people were becoming increasingly disconnected to the state of Israel. But by rushing to address this issue through a massive multimillion dollar community initiative, we successfully avoided asking some deeper questions.

Could it be that we were afraid to know the answers?

Could it be that young people are becoming disenchanted with Israel because they are becoming increasingly troubled by its treatment of Palestinians? Could it be that growing numbers of young Jews regard Israel more as an oppressive colonial project than a source of Jewish pride? Could it be that in the 21st century world, the identities of young Jews are tied less to Jewish ethno-nationalism than to a more universal vision of liberation?

“Young, Jewish, Proud” is decidedly not the product of a Jewish communal initiative. On the contrary it is a grass-roots, self-organized effort of young Jews who seek to express their Jewish identity in a time-honored Jewish manner: by speaking truth to power, by advocating unabashedly for peace, justice and liberation, by standing up to oppression, racism and persecution in Israel/Palestine – and throughout the world. They simply aren’t buying what the Jewish establishment has been selling them. They are finding their own voices.

Read Rabbi Rosen’s full response and learn more about Young, Jewish and Proud here.

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THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET! Without it young Jews (and non jews) would be exposed solely to the one sided and bias MSM which has been the Lobbys most effective tool in spreading its propaganda to the masses. They will do anything in their power to prevent discourse on this subject because they know damn well once the discussions begins, israels apartheid policies along with the lobbys detrimental effect on Israel will be aired out.… Read more »

So wonderful! “we exist” “we remember”‘ “we are better than this” I met some of these young Jewish and proud individuals at the Move over Aipac gathering in DC. Wonderful. Reminding their parents and grandparents that standing silent for decades on this issue is terribly wrong and complicit. Better late than never. Hopefully will encourage their parents etc to stand with them and remind them that decades of silence is complicity. So important that they… Read more »

thanks adam, beautiful

Hugs and kisses to you all. Love you !

Ketiva ve-chatima tovah That was great. What I am hoping for is for people to question why they continue to define themselves as part of groups first, mankind second. Race, ethnicity, religion, skin color ( what am i missing?) are all still divisive in their nature, from a identification standpoint. Dont get me wrong, I applaud what these people are doing, I just think that putting a arbitrary lense up to see the world through… Read more »