The Netanyahu Guide to Middle East Peace

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(Image: o0Ax0o via Reddit)

(Thanks to Mondo reader James for passing it along)

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This is awesome and sad at the same time. Palestinians must say no to negotiations with Israel Diplomatic moves in the United Nations, no matter how refreshingly daring, are not enough. By Amira Hass Now that Palestine has been recognized by the United Nations’ cultural organization, UNESCO, it will be no more of a non-state and no less occupied than it was before. Its citizens will be no less unfree than they are today, no less under the yoke of Israeli foreign rule.… Read more »

“It’s funny because it’s true.” (w/ apologies to Homer J.)


Funny but true, if mislabelled. This Bibi’s plan — not for peace but — for achieving Israeli maximalist territorial ambitions and maintaining non-democratic apartheid-style 1SS for the indefinite (but long) future.

But, yes, he (or Obama) probably does call it a “peace plan”.