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December 2011

Happy New Year

Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz on

h/t The Awl’s 15 Most Delightful Internet Films of 2011 post for the videos. Here are some more:

Ron Paul challenges liberals on love of ‘big finance’ and ‘big-ass wars’

Philip Weiss on

Matt Stoller Matt Stoller, now at the Roosevelt Institute, a former aide to former Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida, poses the question, “Why Ron Paul Challenges Liberals,” at naked capitalism. The piece is getting a ton of attention. Thinking about this piece this morning, I reflected: Ron Paul supporters came to Occupy Wall Street. They […]

Memories of Gaza: when the victim is called the terrorist

Sarah Ali on

I am a terrorist. At least that is what they call me. I grew up hearing the same word being repeated all the time that I thought terrorists were the good guys for a second. They are apparently not. Of the many saddening times I went through, the 2008-2009 offensive that Israel launched on the […]

Poolside, New Year’s Eve

Philip Weiss on

A friend who is in Central America for New Year’s sent me the following charming note: So I finally read the article in Harper’s [by Ben Ehrenreich] about Israel’s water war with Palestine today by the pool and was a bit distressed by it.  Not long after a guy from Chicago started talking to a […]

Another mainstream voice challenges idea of war on Iran

Philip Weiss on

Andrew Exum This is significant if you care about mainstream discourse, and I do. You may have noticed that Leon Panetta got  whipsawed by the neocons for the mistake of suggesting on December 2 that we should not go to war over Iran. Now he is saying war is a perfectly good idea. (His Dec. […]

‘Settlements in Palestine’ reports U.S. charities violate tax laws

Allison Deger on

Shiloh settlement in the West Bank. (Photo: Sameer Bazbaz) Settlements in Palestine, a research and advocacy settlement watchdog, published a Report on Financial Support of the Israeli Settlement Enterprise By United States Non-Profit Foundations and Organizations During 2009, exposing tax fraud committed by U.S. foundations and U.S. tax-exempt charities, through grants made to settler organizations. […]

Real News Video: JNF ‘Judaizes’ expropriated land

Annie Robbins on

The Real News Network has stepped up to the plate once again. They continually blow me away with their coverage of Israel and Palestine. Their new episode Israeli Tree Campaign “Judaizes” Expropriated Land focuses on the Jewish National Fund’s role, past and present, in Judaizing the region. From the founding of the JNF at the […]

Israel’s mythological borders: an interview with Rachel Havrelock

David Zlutnick on

Rachel Havrelock is a scholar of the Hebrew Bible and its historical interpretation. She is an associate professor of Jewish Studies and English at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the author of three books as well as the writer/director of the play, From Tel Aviv to Ramallah. Her latest work, River Jordan: The […]

More responses to Ron Paul’s surge

Philip Weiss on

Ron Paul A Ron Paul morning wrapup. As Paul surges, the media are trying to get their heads around the phenomenon, figure out who he is. On NBC Nightly News last night, Chuck Todd likened Ron Paul’s youth army (chronicled in the NYT yesterday) to Gene McCarthy’s Clean-for-Gene antiwar army of 1968. Meantime, Robert Siegel […]

Expendables of a waning empire

Roqayah Chamseddine on

  Orphans A plethora of articles have been written highlighting the Obama Administrations expanding drone war, the United States’ unchecked militarism, and the laundry-list of deaths Obama’s ‘because we can‘ remote-controlled imperial policy has caused: A little Pakistani girl named Shakira who was burned beyond recognition by a U.S. drone and left for dead in […]

Thanks, my enemy. I love Palestine

Waleed al-Meadana on

Palestine flag-face, artist unknown Every time I happen to think of Palestine, pretty fast beats my heart. It takes me back in memory to my grandpa’s orange field, my grandma’s embroideries, and my pa’s textile doll. All I have – all new Palestinian generations have – is what our ancestors tell about Palestine. I […]

Occupation economy: taking from the very land they stand on

Paul Mutter on

Betar Illit quarry photo by Dror Etkes I couldn’t help but think of the boycott campaign against Ahava cosmetics produced with materials mined in the occupation when Avraham Burg wrote this week in Haaretz “let the right-wing MKs, the Katzes and the Elkins, travel around the world and show the beauty of their faces without […]

Muslims ban Christmas and rape white women, in latest Latma satire

Phan Nguyen on

From Latma, the Israeli producers of “We Con the World,” comes a new video, “Christmas in Eurabia”: A couple things struck me while watching this video. The first was how unfunny it was. The second was how offensive it was. Let’s explore the latter: The “Eurabia” threat The video’s title, “Christmas in Eurabia,” refers to […]

Report: ‘Joker’ scratched Tel Aviv– in BDS victory

Philip Weiss on

Joker, by Passetti at Flickr Joker, the English dubstep musician, was scheduled to play Tel Aviv a week ago. Under pressure from boycott activists, he said he wasn’t going, and then said he was. Well in what is being described as a boycott victory, Joker apparently did not show up for his Tel Aviv gig […]

Israeli intolerance: Palestinian citizens are ‘barred’ from governing coalition

Philip Weiss on

At the Daily Beast, Peter Beinart has a fine post on the haredi-secular tensions in Israel being related to the discrimination against Palestinian citizens. He avoids saying what he said at the General Assembly of the Jewish Federations a month back, that Palestinians under occupation must get the vote for the government that controls their […]

You don’t write, you don’t call (Ron Kampeas version)

Philip Weiss on

Ron Kampeas The other day Ron Kampeas of the JTA and I did posts on the Economist article saying that the Jewishness of the neocons was an essential factor to be considered in any analysis of why the U.S. invaded Iraq. I sent Kampeas this note on Facebook (edited here to be less telegraphic). I […]

AIPAC-championed amendment pushes Obama into a corner on Iran

Alex Kane on

The red arrow points to the Straits of Hormuz, a focal point in US-Iran tensions today. (Map via Wikipedia) President Obama is set to sign legislation attached to a military spending bill that would impose harsh sanctions on Iran over its nuclear energy program. The AIPAC-championed bill, known as the Kirk-Menendez amendment, has pushed the […]

You call me a terrorist?

Fidaa Abuassi on

From Fidaa Abu Assi’s blog Gaza in Words. Look me in the eye. Do I look like a terrorist to you? Scan my features: my teary eyes, my breathless smile, my weary mind, my bleeding heart. What the hell terrorizes you? Which part of me confuses you? Fear not my hijab. I don’t hide bombs […]

Israeli ambassadors say they are ‘increasingly hated and unwanted’. But not Oren!

Philip Weiss on

Michael “What, me worry?” Oren This is pretty stunning. Everything that Ali Abunimah said about international isolation 2 years ago is here; it makes you wonder what will happen to public opinion in another two years. Barak Ravid in Haaretz, writing about a conclave of 100 Israeli diplomats this week in Jerusalem. Read past the […]

Romanian and Bulgarian opposition to Palestinian statehood earns payoff

Philip Weiss on

Roy Arad on “Israel’s Builders” at at the LRB blog (thanks to SheldonRichman): During Binyamin Netanyahu’s visit to Eastern Europe in the summer, the governments of Romania and Bulgaria agreed not to vote in favour of the Palestinian state at the UN. Israel has since arranged several thousand work permits for Romanian and Bulgarian builders. […]