‘Bought-and-paid-for Congress’ passes Iran sanctions, 410-11

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Thomas Friedman
Thomas Friedman, liberator

It’s a new world! I get to say bought and paid for by the Israel lobby every other minute now without being accused of being a conspiracist because Tom Friedman said so in the New York Times! Well, here’s another bought-and-paid-for group. United Against Nuclear Iran, started by Dennis Ross, the Israel lobbyist who then went into the Obama administration at a high level. And Gary Samore, who is still at Obama’s right hand as his czar on weapons of mass destruction. UANI has big Israel lobbyists like Irwin Cotler, Leslie Gelb, Fouad Ajami, and Alan Solow on its board. You gotta open the window here and let me breathe!

UANI sent out a press release crowing about the latest Iran sanctions, passed by the House.

United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) President, Ambassador Mark D. Wallace, issued the following statement Thursday regarding the U.S. House of Representatives’ 410-11 passage of the Iran Threat Reduction Act yesterday, which includes the Iran Transparency and Accountability Act, requiring companies to disclosure their sanctionable Iran business to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC): 

We applaud the U.S. House of Representatives for overwhelmingly voting to increase sanctions against Iran. This act would close existing loopholes in the law which corporations have been exploiting to continue their irresponsible business in Iran, and lead to potentially consequential sanctions against Iran’s Central Bank.

We applaud Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, for her persistence on this critical matter, and we also thank Representative Ted Deutch for his leadership on the issue of corporate disclosure of Iran business. Such action is long overdue. The moment companies are forced to disclose their Iran business is the moment that business will end. By signing this legislation into law, President Obama can significantly ramp up the pressure on the Iranian regime, and on companies that do business there. 

Throughout the year, UANI has regularly called for the passage of provisions of the Iran Threat Reduction Act, including sanctioning Iran’s Central Bank. 

The bill passed by the House includes two pieces of legislation by Congressman Ted Deutch–the Iran Transparency and Accountability Act, which requires companies to disclosure their sanctionable Iran business to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and establishes a public listing of those companies; and the Iran Human Rights and Democracy Promotion Act of 2011, which sanctions companies that contribute to the Iranian regime’s oppression of its people. UANI has previously proposed regulations and legislation for adoption by the SEC and U.S. Congress, respectively, which would require companies to fully disclose their Iran business.

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good, akhondy regime will start to feel something finally. i think after the incident with UK embassy, all european countries should have called in their ambassadors at least.

“It’s a new world! I get to say bought and paid for by the Israel lobby every other minute now without being accused of being a conspiracist”

And prove exactly why phrases like that are so dangerous – people like you misuse and abuse them.

Nothing ever happens for the first time. When Will Rogers said we have the best congress money can buy, he was reciting a then-truism, he was not announcing anything new. The BIGs, including (since 1967) BIG-ZION buy and pay for Congress for all their several reasons, mostly not stepping on each other’s toes. No BIG (of which I am aware) stands up for Palestinians, But BIG-ZION has purchased the most outrageous and bizarre behavior from… Read more »

Phil Weiss wrote: “It’s a new world!” Meanwhile, back in the old one (except it happened just yesterday I think), there’s Eric Cantor at a Reform Judaism conference saying that the Palestinians have a “culture of resentment and hatred.” Since it’s a new world today then I’ll be looking for the mass, thundering condemnations of this in the media. Led especially by jewish voices noting the evil this talk could cause if accepted by validating… Read more »

Very interesting, recent interview with Mr Finkelstein and Chris Hedges. http://podcast.lannan.org/2011/12/14/norman-finkelstein-with-chris-hedges-conversation-6-december-2011-video/ In about 30 min he talks about the Israeli Lobby, its influence in America and on war in Iraq etc. I do not agree with him on some of his statements, but the intervew is worth listening to. I hate to say ,but I think Mr Finkelstein does not seem to grasp a wide picture of the whole world affairs. He is very focused… Read more »