A personal appeal– PennBDS needs your help

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Everyone who has ever met me can attest I am a totally cool, calm and collected person. Not! I am completely beside myself about attending the PennBDS conference next month. I can’t wait and am counting the days. I registered and booked my plane ticket! The idea of being at the conference with so many of us together in one place; focused, directed and empowered by the growing global Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement, in solidarity, has me bursting at the seams in anticipation.


Have you noticed the level of shrill discourse from hasbarists lately? The other side is freaking out because our diverse coalition united, empowered and in strength creates a political firewall they cannot compete with, and they know it. We know that they are hearing us when they use terms like warfare and weapons to combat the growing non-violent threat we have become.

Check out the line up of speakers assembled by the team at PennBDS?  Out of the ballpark! (Okay okay, I know I should calm down but I can’t). But that isn’t why I am writing here today….

The organizers could really use some additional donations as they gear up to pay for a bunch of big expenses. The registration fee for this conference is so cheap (seriously, I was aghast when I went to register online, it’s like the cost of 2 movie tickets for the friggin’ weekend!), but unfortunately the overhead isn’t. So if everyone and anyone who can afford it can just head on over to PennBDS website and make an extra donation that would be simply splendiferous and very much appreciated.

From Remi Kanazi’s spoken word :

“Palestinian civil society has spoken

don’t cross this picket line or cash in that paycheck signed apartheid

put down Stolen Beauty

cancel that gig

and join the rest of us on the right side of history.”

Preliminary Agenda

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See you there

Annie/Phil Mondo team. Ralph Nader on Washington Journal this past Saturday talking about New Hampshire, Obama’s policies being worse than Bush’s in regard to ignoring war powers act, drone bombings etc. Brings up Ron Paul’s stances. Or callers do and he responds. Big news…..Hillary Mann Leverett on Fareed Zakaria’s GPS program yesterday. Some intense go around on Iran with a four person panel. Hillary was fabulous. Would make a a great post on Iran. See… Read more »

This is wonderful news. I hope that some campus is already pushing their student government for a divestment resolution to brag about at the conference. Any divestment resolution is a victory if it’s spread all over the campus media– regardless of the vote count.

This one actually won, at Wayne State University:

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Try one like it!


According to The Economist, Israel’s economy is doing better than just about any other developed country’s. I understand the fun of getting lots of like-minded people in one venue, but can BDS credibly be said to be achieving anything tangible?

See you there, Annie! Can’t wait. (I’ll be speaking at a panel on Sunday, but I’ll be there for the whole thing. Looking forward to catching up!)