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Barak told Clinton about plans to Judaize Jerusalem

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In “Israel’s Strategy to seize Jerusalem, on display for all to see,” in the National, Joseph Dana shows the Israeli government plot of purging Palestine:

Ehud Barak is rumoured to have informed former president US Bill Clinton that Israel had no intention of relinquishing sovereign control over Jerusalem and delineating clear borders around the holy city. The Palestinians of East Jerusalem, Mr Barak purportedly told Mr Clinton, were an unfortunate reality that Israel would deal with in due time.

More than a decade later, Israel is demonstrating exactly how it intends to deal with the Palestinians of East Jerusalem. The strategy has a number of fronts: dispossess Palestinians through the creation of national “heritage parks” that lay claim to land through archaeological speculation; deprive Palestinian areas of necessary municipality services; and deny almost every building permit required for natural Palestinian growth in the city. In short, take as much land as possible while making Palestinians’ lives as difficult as possible….

Jerusalem remains the beating heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The systematic land reallocation and continuing Palestinian expulsions are perhaps the best examples of Israeli policy in historic Palestine over the past 60 years. Yet, as My Neighbourhood demonstrates [a new short film about Sheikh Jarrah, produced by Just Vision, the production outfit responsible for the successful 2009 documentary Budrus], not all Israelis and Palestinians buy into the hysterical rhetoric of their respective leaders. In fact, increasing numbers prefer to embrace non-traditional methods of co-habituation and nonviolent resistance to combat the sinister forces which surround them.

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  1. Shmuel on April 26, 2012, 9:47 am

    And Palestinian negotiators got that, which is why they responded to the “Clinton Parameters” as follows:

    We wish to explain why the latest United States proposals, taken together and as presented without clarification, fail to satisfy the conditions required for a permanent peace. As it stands now, the United States proposal would … divide Palestinian Jerusalem into a number of unconnected islands separate from each other and from the rest of Palestine …

  2. Woody Tanaka on April 26, 2012, 9:58 am

    Well, Zio cash buys a lot of people’s souls. Clinton is not the first, not the last.

  3. pabelmont on April 26, 2012, 10:22 am

    Is that Clinton — cheerfully listening to and helping along a proposal for further “ethnic cleansing” in Palestine — is he, to repeat, related that that dreadful woman who does much the same as SoS and might one day run for president?

  4. ramzijaber on April 28, 2012, 8:59 am

    Enough is enough.

    How long more do we wait. It’s time we, the people of Palestine, take things in our hands and go to the streets in MASSIVE numbers… non-violent demonstrations, day in and day out, across all of Palestine, will end the occupation in three weeks.

    Every Palestinian, in every city, in every town, in every village take to the streets, lock arms, and march towards the boarders. Yes, the criminal zionists will shoot at us and will martyr many of us but we shall continue, arms locked, marching each and every day, until this criminal and illegal occupation ends.

    How long more are we, the people of Palestine, to wait? The world, the arabs, the muslim world, and our own leaders are all talk. It’s time we take our own future in our own hands and liberate Palestine.

    Enough is enough.

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