When did ‘Shady companies with ties to Israel’ become a term of derision not praise in the US press?

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Great headline on a piece by James Bamford at Wired: “Shady Companies With Ties to Israel Wiretap the U.S. for the NSA.” You get the picture.

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Rear once. Have to read anything Bamford writes at least twice. First coverage about Israeli communication companies accessing 95% of all American phone calls was Fox News reporter Carl Cameron four part report on Amdocs and Comverse Infosys not only accessing, data mining etc but the report included alleged claims… Read more »

You mean, hooray!, the use of the term “shady” has (apparently, but it’s early days yet) become POSSIBLE in American discourse. I live for the day when Israel is one nation among the nations, a bit like Costa Rica, and judged with all the others by a single standard. Jews… Read more »

Prof Cole yesterday
America’s new data center: The Biggest Big Brother of All (TBIJ)

I think the audience for Wired is probably more sophisticated about these issues than the audience for, say, major daily newspapers. And, yeah, Bamford has been writing about Israeli access to sensitive U.S. information for a while now.

The origins of this are in Bamford’s earlier writings about Israel taping into US communication pipelines some time ago at a time when the House phone system was owned by an Israel owned company and members of Congress assumed all their calls were being listened to by Israel. Congress did… Read more »