Daniel Pipes says he and Steve Rosen drove Senate re ‘so-called’ Palestinian refugees

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Last week we did a couple of reports on the Senate’s unanimous passage of a rightwing Republican’s amendment that would strip millions of Palestinian refugees of their refugee status. Well neocon Daniel Pipes says he (and Steve Rosen formerly of AIPAC) helped drive Congress:

The fetid, dark heart of the Arab war on Israel, I have long argued, lies not in disputes over Jerusalem, checkpoints, or “settlements.” Rather, it concerns the so-called Palestine refugees….

I am proud to report that, in part based on the work carried out by the Middle East Forum’s Steven J. Rosen and myself over the past year, the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee on May 24 unanimously passed a limited but potentially momentous amendment to the $52.1 billion fiscal 2013 State Department and foreign operations appropriations bill.

 The amendment, proposed by Mark Kirk (Republican of Illinois) requires the State Department to inform Congress about the use of the annual $240 million of direct American taxpayer funds donated to Palestine refugees via UNRWA [United Nations Relief and Works Agency]. …
Despite its limited nature, Kirk calls the reporting requirement a “watershed.” Indeed, it inspired what a senior Senate GOP aide called “enormous opposition” from the Jordanian government and UNRWA itself, bringing on what Foreign Policy magazine’s Josh Rogin called a raging battle.

Thanks, night-web-crawler Annie Robbins.

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Thanks Annie and Phil. Amazing to think that Rosen a top official for Aipac caught red handed illegaly and knowingly accessing highly classified US intelligence about Iran etc. passing the info to Israeli officials undermining U.S. national security continues to have so much power… Amazing to watch and listen to the MSM host report about how many Syrians have been killed by the Assad government and stream gruesome images of the dead in and these… Read more »

man. 1 minute indicted for espionage (rosen) next minute an influential lobbyist.

Time to get zionist money out of Washington. It’s time to open the flood gates and let the well-needed enema of the capital begin! (To mix metaphors a little…)

Hey Phil check this out over at Mondoweiss mentioned Now I am not anti Buchanan. He voiced strong opposition to the invasion of Iraq. Has brought up the influence of the I lobby and Israel’s disproportionate and destructive influence on US foreign policy for years. Have I disagreed with him on either issues yes. But he is rock solid on other issues. How Bill Kristol Purged the Arabists by Patrick J. Buchanan, May 29,… Read more »

>> Hey Phil check this out over at Mondoweiss mentioned

The article’s also up at