Foxman says Google and Facebook are on his team to combat ‘internet hate’

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From Maidhc O Cathail’s site The Passionate Attachment:

In a May 10 press release, the staunchly pro-Israel Anti-Defamation League (ADL) announced it “will convene a new working group on cyberhate that will bring together Internet industry leaders and others to probe the roots of the problem and develop new solutions to address it head-on.”

According to the ADL statement, the establishment of a “Anti-Cyberhate Working Group” was approved by the Task Force on Internet Hate at a May 7 meeting held at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society in Palo Alto, California. The task force was created by the Inter-parliamentary Coalition for Combating Anti-Semitism (ICCA).

[From the ADL press release

[The ICCA resolution was prompted by a desire of industry leaders, including Google and Facebook, to maintain a continuing dialogue with nongovernment organizations on best practices on combating Internet hate and to promote transparency on how online hate is addressed.

[The ICCA Task Force on Internet Hate includes members of parliaments from around the world, Internet experts, scholars and representatives of Internet companies, including Facebook and Google.]

The ICCA Task Force is co-chaired by Yuli Edelstein, Israel’s Minister of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs, who is charged with countering antisemitism. A member of Netanyahu’s ruling Likud party, Edelstein lives in the illegal West Bank settlement of Neve Daniel, which he sees as part of “Greater Israel.” As far as the Israeli minister is concerned, however, those who dare to nonviolently oppose Israel’s ongoing colonization of Palestinian land are motivated only by hate. According a report in The Electronic Intifada on Edelstein’s anti-Arab racism, he told delegates at a 2009 international conference on “combating antisemitism”:

We must repeat again and again these basic facts – TO BE ‘anti-Israel’ IS TO BE ANTI-SEMITIC. TO BOYCOTT ISRAEL, ISRAELI PROFESSORS and ISRAELI businesses, these are not political acts, these are acts of hate, acts of anti-Semitism! Anti-Israel hysteria is anti-Semitic hysteria. They are one and the same. [Ed: Upper case letters in the transcript]

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I like Foxman’s approach, and am going to start using it in my daily dealings with others. If I do something to hurt or offend someone else and am called on it, I’m going to call them a hater and brush that hate right off my shoulders!

New lessons in how governments around the world are manipulated in the service (it seems) of Zionism generally and Greater-Israel-Project-Zionism in particular (since most anti-Israel communication responds to the occupation and settlements and land-grabs of the Greater-Israel-Project). And I (silly me!) thought the world’s apparent indifference was all due to the machinations (of which I assume there are plenty) of the G-USA.

kill the messenger, kill the internet

Good luck with that……they’d have to shut down the entire net. Let google and facebook and whoever censor and all it will produce is competitors who will take their place.

I note from the letters to the Irish times and the guardian that the only people who write letters in favour of Israel today are Jews.
There are only 14 million of them in the world. They had authority for long enough but they can no longer control the narrative.

Google “Israeli apartheid” – 7 million hits
That’s one hit for every 2 Jews there are.