Saving Illinois from Senator Kirk

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I went completely bonkers yesterday reading Senate fight over the number of Palestinian refugees….. So livid I shot Senator Kirk off a tweet to remind him his job is not in the Knesset!

Senators will vote on an amendment crafted by Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) that would require the State Department to report on how many of the millions of people currently supported by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) are actually ……..refugees.

Excuse me? Two Peoples One Future

According to former AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) staffer – now critic – MJ Rosenberg, Mark Kirk cultivated a relationship with AIPAC since he was a Congressional aide. According to Rosenberg, between 2000 and 2010 – Representative Mark Kirk received $1,025,437 from “pro-Israel” PACs, making him #7 out of all members of Congress and #1 of all House members.

According to Rosenberg: It is not because Kirk is pro-Israel. Virtually every member of the House and Senate supports our special relationship with and aid to Israel. It is because no one is more reliable than Mark Kirk when it comes to supporting the status quo. His idea of supporting Israel is simply to keep things just as they are, which, not coincidentally, is also the way the lobby sees it…

The lobby and its PACs will be going all out for Kirk this year [2010]. In fact, his election will surely be their #1 priority. If he wins, the lobby will have a stalwart enforcer of the status quo who can be expected to pressure his colleagues to fall in line.

dsc 1561
U of Chicago SJP’s mock wall

I’ve got to hand it to Chicago, though. Some top of the line rad activists there took down Chicago Friends of Israel (CFI ) on the University of Chicago Students for Justice in Palestine’s mock wall.

From Sami Kishawi ‘s Sixteen Minutes to Palestine: ‘Palestine doesn’t exist because there is no “P” in Arabic’

According to one CFI member, this de facto annexation of Palestinian land is not illegal because Israel is allegedly not occupying any Palestinian territory. He also claimed that annexation is strictly a legal term and because there have been no legal opinions condemning the wall, Israel has the privilege of constructing the wall along whichever route it pleases. I curtly reminded him of the ICJ ruling.

The CFI member then argued that Palestine never existed and couldn’t have ever existed “because the letter ‘P’ is not part of the Arabic language”. Two other CFI protesters quickly urged him to stop speaking.

dsc 1553 1
U of Chicago SJP’s mock wall

(Hat tip Michael Levin)

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“Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL)”

IL stands for Israel?

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